Saints Super Bowl Squares


As we prepare for our 2018 season we're kicking off our first fundraiser. Simply pick as many squares as you'd like for $20 each. Once all squares are purchased/assigned we will find a random number generator and assign digits 0-9 to the tops of all your columns and the side of each of your rows — i.e., the shaded boxes above. Now, every square should be the intersection of two numbers.

Therein lies the beauty of the game. If your two numbers reflect the quarters score when it ends, you win that quarters payout. For example A 14-7 score at the end of the first quarter would pay out $200 to whoever had the square where 4 and 7 meet. If the score is 31-21 at halftime, whoever has 1 and 1 gets another $200 payout. This will repeat until the end of the game, with the winner of the final score getting a $400 payout. We will announce each winner after the quarter ends, but we will also keep the board updated with everyones selections prior to the game starting.